We Need YOU!!

We continue to seek volunteers to work on your Board or on other tasks for the Branch. The descriptions of the Board positions are listed in Ottawa Branch Job Descriptions.  Most of these jobs will require 5-6 hours of work per month.

For those of you willing to do something less onerous, there are a number of other tasks:


1. Program Committee: We hold ten general meetings per year, which require a speaker. The committee is responsible to solicit suggestions for speakers and then arrange their attendance. Much of this can be done from a distance with other members filling in with the local requirements. The more volunteers for the committee, the less work for each

2. Assistant webmaster: Our webmaster has set up the website to allow Board members and other volunteers to amend the parts that pertain to them. However, not all the volunteers have the requisite computer skills and the webmaster does not have the time to do it all himself. If you are familiar with WordPress, or would like to learn, you could be brought up to speed and given the access to allow you to handle the changes needed. This includes such items as posting meeting details, updating the list of volunteers, etc.

3. TONI Indexers. The Ontario Name Index (TONI) shows where information about a particular name can be found.  The project has barely started and we are looking for individuals: You will take information from a document (the source) and enter it into a spreadsheet, preferably Microsoft Excel.

4. Cemetery Committee: Although the winter weather limits the seasons for this work, our new Coordinator will need volunteers to transcribe and  to help prepare the transcriptions for the publisher. This is not a priority task at this time but we can keep your name until needed.

5 Other projects. Do you have another idea for a project that will help genealogists? We will be willing to help you make it possible.


We are also looking into some other ideas that will encourage attendance at meetings. I still need to sort them out but you may have some ideas of your won. Even a simple task such as bringing the juice and cookies to the meetings would free me from one task. Let me know if you have any questions or any other ideas. Thanks very much




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