The Ontario Name Index (TONI)

TONI is an index of Ontario names, indicating where information about that person can be found.  Researchers will find a name of interest in TONI and will be directed to the location of  that information. The source does NOT have to be in Pay per View (PPV) or on-line but could be a book in your library or a publication for sale. This is an opportunity to advance the cause of genealogy and to promote OGS and the Branches/SIGs. Consider how indexing a document for TONI could help your Branch or SIG. If you would like to help with the TONI project or have any questions, contact me at .


The following are the files associated with TONI:

TONI Coordinators Instructions

TONI Indexing Instructions

TONI Input Spreadsheet.xls

TONI Input Spreadsheet.xlsx

TONI Military Abbreviations

TONI Fast Tracks May2015


Note: the spreadsheets download as Read-Only; if you do not know how to fix this, e-mail me at and I will send you an “open” version.

  1. Hi,
    My great great grandfather who spoke French came from Upper/West Canada in 1862. He indicates on a Marriage record he was born in Prescott, Canada. His parents are Augustus and Eliza or Elizabeth Rose Wood(s). His name was Louis Wood born in 1832 give or take. Can I see the ages/dates of the Wood’s buried in Ottawa to see if these are even possible ancestors or do I need to purchase all records? As I am looking for records before 1840, is this possible? I am finding lots of Irish, Scottish but not much for French Canadian’s in this area. His parents and last name don’t sound French but it is clear in the history I find he spoke French and could not read or write.
    I am wondering, how I look for a French Canadian in this time frame in this location. If you could direct me I would very much appreciate any guidance. For now, I am catching up on my history both of the US and Canada–by the way, we don’t learn enough history of Canada in US schools!



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