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The Ottawa Name Index is a combined alphabetical index to books held in the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society Library collection. Care
has been taken to insure that the information is accurate but Ottawa Branch cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the information.

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Library Reference Title Indexer
G-42 Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa Valley and Humours of the Valley,
South Hull and Aylmer edition
J. Stanzell
G-47 The Johnstone Family V. & C. Dickinson
G-52 The MacDonald Family of Bryson, Quebec,and Admaston
Twp., Renfrew Co.
V. & C. Dickinson
G-231 Featherstones – Then and Now V. & C. Dickinson
G-291 Farm and Families – Goulbourn Twp.,Carleton
County, Ontario
J. Stanzell
G-478 The Lake, Presley and McCormack Families.My
Maternal Ancestors, by Janis Higgins
J. Stanzell
G-488 The Olmstead Family of Leeds Co., and theWaupaca
County of Wisconsin
V. & C. Dickinson
G-533 Stanzels of Goulbourn J. Stanzell
G-623 The Moorhouses of Bear Creek, Bathurst and Brockville, second
N. Wolfe
G-625 The Loyalist Canadian Empey FamilyHistories E. Kipp
H-164 Pakenham, Ottawa Valley Village, 1823-1860 G. Boyle
H-189 From War to Winterlude – 150 Years on the
Rideau Canal
G. Boyle
H-416 Pioneer Era & Memories, St. Bridget’s,Stanleyville & North
Burgess Twp.
N. Wolfe
H-448 Gloucester Roots G. Boyle
H-477 Beyond Our Memory…a history of Fitzroy Twp. N. Wolfe
Z-61 Voters List for Nepean Township,Carleton
County, 1836
V. & C. Dickinson
Pedigree Charts
Various J. Stanzell

All names on a pedigree chart will have the identifying number assigned to that chart. All charts will have two letters

  1.  P – identifying it as a Pedigree chart and
  2.  the first letter of the Surname of the person in position #1 on the Chart. The charts with the same surname first letter will be numbered sequentially -001, -002, -003 etc. John Smith PS-001; George Smythe PS-002.

These records will be located in the Branch Library. Some submissions contain a “Mini Genealogy” and both will be stored together.

  1. Chapeaux Quebec or Ille Aux Allumette is only 10 minutes from Pembroke Ontario. I found a Charles Boisvert in a search, but the years are off. Check church records. You’d be surprised. Some of them are actually in english. It’s so close to Ontario. Good luck with your search.


  2. My great grandfather, Charles Henry Boisvert, said he was born in Pembroke, Ontario in 1850. I am looking for his parents and siblings names and any info about them. Charles met my great grandmother, Nettie May Jones in Raisin Valley, Michigan around 1880 and they later moved to Clatskanie, Oregon where they are both buried. I have been trying to find his parents for several years. All the Boisverts I find are in Quebec. I am going to order the Burials in the Pioneer Cemetary…. Pembroke… In hopes I will gets lead there. I live in North Louisiana, USA, and would be glad to reciprocate help from here if ever needed. I will appreciate any help you can give me!



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