Missing Library Resources

PLEASE!!! We are not a Lending Library. Do not remove books from our Library – we do not lend them.

If you do inadvertently gather up one of ours, please return it IMMEDIATELY (not on your next ‘visit’) to our Branch mailing address. We do not need to know who you are, we just need the materials returned. We need these resources as do our users. Those Library visitors who ‘borrow’ items for home reading and/or copying are denying others.

– Your Librarian

  1. I have published a history of the Cullen family of Templeton Township and Ottawa (ISBN 978-0-9868532-0-3) covering the period 1826 to 1970. Also included is a history of my Carroll, Cassidy and McClements families from the Ottawa area. This book may be of interest to some of your users with local genealogy interests. Please advise if you would like a copy for your library and to whom I can send it.



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