Getting Started with Your Own Genealogical Research

A good place to start to learn about this hobby is:

Ontario Genealogical Society How to Research Your Family History

Other useful resources are:

Archives of Ontario

The website for the archives is undergoing revisions on a regular basis so we recommend that you search its website for what you need. topics include:

Genealogical Research Getting Started
Interloan Service Prepare for Your Visit
Major Genealogical Holdings Vital Statistics Bulletin
Vital Statistics Name Indexes Family History Centres in Ontario
Reference List of Researchers

Library and Archives Canada Genealogical Sources in Canada

Canadian Military Genealogy FAQ

Ontario Cemetery and Census information

Birth, Marriage and Death Vital Statistics for Ontario

These are available on microfilm from the Archives of Ontario.
Some LDS Family History Centres (Mormon) also have these microfilms. Most are also found on the website.

Printed Resources

Many books have been written on how to do you own research. These are usually available in your local library or may be purchased from a book store or Genealogical Society.

Two useful books are:

Genealogy In Ontario: Searching the Records, by Brenda Dougall Merriman, CGRS,CGL, Toronto, ON: Ontario Genealogical Society, fourth edition, 2008. These are available from the Ontario Genealogical Society

In Search of Your Canadian Roots, by Angus Baxter, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1994.

Other Information:

Other useful web sites can be found¬†at Cindi’s List a widely used index of genealogy websites.

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  1. I know that it is more work but I wonder why the date of death isn’t added to the cemetery records for each individual. Their are several James Murrays and one of them is probably my ancestor’s brother. How do I get the right James?


    1. Carole, I am not quite sure what you are referring to. The cemetery references on this page are to indexes. The “complete” information will be in the sources that the index points to. How much that is will depend on the source and its quality. Tombstones have different amounts of information and they may also have deteriorated; the same goes for other sources.

      I know that many “outsider” object, but we cannot simply give away the information that we find. There is a cost to producing publications. Much of that is the volunteer time but there is also the cost of printing books, maintaining a website, etc. Members dues do NOT cover the cost of giving the information away to those who are not members and I doubt if any would agree to do that. So, in some cases, you may have to pay to find the information. Our publications are sold at cost, so none of us are vacationing; not that most of us have time to vacation :-).


    2. Barb Hopper…..Austin Otis Vandewalker was my Great Grandfather. He died in 1904 and is in the Brownville NY Cemetery. He was a Civil War Vet. He had two daughters one being my grandmother, Laura Bellinger. She died in 1956. My great aunt ,Eva Alice Bellinger, married a Andrew McJardine from Battersea Ontario in the early 1900’s. He died in 1923 and is in Brownville NY Cemetery. Thread Me, Leland Otis BellingerII. My dad Leland I, Marvin, David, Phillip……All the way back to the Rev war and the Battle of Oriskany. My family married into the Klocks and Herkimers several times. Lt Col Peter Bellinger is a great Uncle way back. Thanks..Leland Otis Bellinger


    3. I would be keen for you to suggest a professional geneologist to help me complete my search for the Moore family’s Irish origins. I have been able to trace to William Moore (died May 27 1897) married to Catherine Moore (nee Smith). They had 9 children one of whom was William Joseph Moore (my grandfather) born 1870 and married to Ida ( nee Spallin) Moore. Married in Wakefield Que. June 11th 1902 at St. Andrew’s Wakefield. One of their sons was Joseph Sterling Moore who was my father.


      1. If you require a professional genealogist, Library and Archives Canada [LAC] maintains a list of free-lance researchers at


      2. I have found the following information on the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid site and it directs me to your site to follow up to find the information. Is this something I have to specifically ask someone at your site for?
        Any direction on this would be helpful.

        GOUR, Annie St Paul’s Roman Catholic Prescott Plantagenet North OT-01-01
        GOUR, Damase St Luke / St Luc Roman Catholic, Curran Prescott Plantagenet North OT-01-02


        1. The code indicates a publication that is available for purchase. Please look a the Publications page ( for directions on how to order it. Alternatively, you can order a look-up from the publication. See for details.


        2. hello,
          Iam a member of the OGS for ottawa area and I am wondering why I can not find any records for my grandfather’s birth. He was born in 1928 in carleton place and soon later him and his brother and oolder sister were all put in to carleton place orphanage. His name now is Albert John Reddick, but originally at birth his name was George Albert Herron. His brother was Allan and sister was Audrey. They were the children of Andrew Herron and Edith Jane Lee. I would appreciate any info or help that you can give.

          Thank you
          Evan Reddick


          1. Unfortunately the 1928 birth records will not be released to the public until 2025. Suggest you visit the Lanark Co Genealogical Society at as ask them for info.



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