Genealogical Inquiries

The Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) has extensive library holdings of genealogy material which is available for browsing at the City of Ottawa Archives. We are not a lending library, so we ask that everyone come prepared to do their research in the comfortable facilities provided.

Our library holdings include but are not limited to: census information, voters’ lists, directories, passenger lists, family and area genealogies, community and county records, maps and periodicals. As well, the collection has some births, marriages and deaths in parish registers, newspapers, obituaries, township records and repertoires. We are in the process of indexing the family histories and other resources for TONI.

Our library database listing all of the volumes in our collection can be accessed here for your convenience.

We will perform limited research for anyone for a small fee. Listed below are descriptions of some of the collections we house and the prices for performing searches for you.

We invite you to consider submitting a copy of your personal genealogy [completed or not], to be housed in our library. This could result in useful collaboration with other researchers having interests in common with you.

Cemetery Transcriptions: Our library has an extensive collection of cemetery transcripts, many of which have been indexed in The Ontario Name Index (TONI) found here as well as the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid (OCFA). The OCFA entries from the Ottawa Branch are identified by references beginning with OT-followed by year of submission.

In order to see if the transcripts for the cemetery you are interested in is located in the Ottawa Branch library, click here to search our library database.

Birth, marriage and death records: Some of the newspapers represented in our collection include papers from Ottawa; Lanark; Carleton Place; Renfrew; Perth; Lindsay; Brockville; Kemptville; Morrisburg; Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry; Bathurst; the Ottawa Valley; Aylmer Quebec; Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. These records might be in transcribed hard copy, on microfilm or microfiche.

Cemetery Publications: OGS publishes many cemetery transcriptions which are available for you to purchase. Researchers interested in a large number of names from the same cemetery may find it most useful to purchase a specific publication. You can see what publications are available and their cost here.

Fees: Inquirers with Canadian home addresses pay in $CA, all other inquirers pay in $US. The face value of the amount is the same in both currencies. These fees includes postage and must be received in advance of initiation of the research. Use this form to simplify payment.

Make cheques or money orders payable to ‘Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society’. If the payable name is not correct our bank will refuse the payment and there will be delays as you will be asked to forward another payment with the correct name. Your inquiry request can be submitted to We will respond by email letting you know if we can perform the research you have requested. No research will be performed until you let us know by return email indicting your acceptance of the conditions expressed and give indication that the fee will be immediately be sent by regular post. Your research will be begun as soon as possible upon receipt of the fee.

Payments are to be submitted to our postal address: Ottawa Branch Ontario Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 8346, Ottawa, ON K1G 3H8

Cemetery Lookup Fees: Ottawa Branch charges $3 for each individual tombstone transcription requested. Where available, cemetery interment register data may also be provided for an additional fee of $3 each. Interment register data generally includes a great deal of information [family relationships etc.]about the deceased. However, there is very limited interment register data in our holdings, so please contact us by e-mail to confirm if it is available.

Birth, marriage and death records: Ottawa Branch charges: $5 for each event if the full date of the event is included with the request. If only the month and year of the event are known, the charge will be $10. If only the year of the event is known the charge will be $25.00. In each and every case the location of the event must also be provided. The request for a search in any of our library holdings must include specific title, date and place information as well as surnames. The cost is an initial fee of $5, which includes a photocopy or microfilm printout of one page.

Please note: If you require a professional genealogist, Library and Archives Canada [LAC] maintains a list of free-lance researchers. For an LAC contact please Click here for Library and Archives Canada