Prescott County Cemeteries etc.

This material was put together through the efforts of Mr Ross G H Cotton with the assistance of several others. It is his desire that the material be made readily available to interested genealogical researchers.

Many files are very large so we’ve indicated file size beside each link so you know what to expect.


Memorial inscriptions from stones in St Peter’s Anglican Cemetery (2.15 MB) which is located in the east side of the town of Alfred in a lot behind a house that was the old St Peter’s Church at 183 St Philippe St in the Township of Alfred, Prescott County.


Memorial inscriptions from stones in Barb Protestant Cemetery (3.67 MB) which is located south of County Road 10 in East Hawkesbury Township, Prescott County.


Memorial inscriptions from stones in Chesser Protestant Cemetery (2.42 MB) which is located north edge of the South Nation River in the town of Plantagenet in the Township of North Plantagenet, Prescott County.


Memorial inscriptions from stones in Greenwood Cemetery which is located on part of Lot 13 Concession 5, north of County Road 10 in the town of Vankleek Hill in the Township of West Hawkesbury, Prescott County. Also names from burial and cremation permits and death records.


Burial (Death) Records for Hill Side Cemetery which is located on the south side of Front Road about one mile east of the town of Hawkesbury in Champlain Township (formerly West Hawkesbury Township), Prescott County.


Memorial inscriptions from stones in the Protestant (Riverview) Cemetery (740.42 KB) which is located in Chute a Blondeau at the south end of des Pins St on the Common between lots 18 & 19 in the Front Concession of the Township of East Hawkesbury, Prescott County.


Memorial inscriptions from a stone at St John the Apostle Church (226.33 KB) which is located on Highway 34 just north of Main St in the town of Vankleek Hill in the Township of West Hawkesbury, Prescott County.


Memorial inscriptions from stones in Wason (Founders/Foundery) Cemetery (467.94 KB) which is located on the north side of Sandy Hill Road in the town of Hawkesbury in the Township of West Hawkesbury, Prescott County.


Funeral Registers of Vankleek Hill area from the records of DA McRae and Son of Vankleek Hill in the Township of West Hawkesbury, Prescott County. [Succeeded by Stanley Forbes]


Records of funerals performed by Mr Stanley Forbes of the Hillcrest Funeral Home of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. (Succeeded DA McRae & Son)

These records have been removed pending resolution of privacy issues.


Memorial inscriptions from stones in Avoca (Québec) Cemetery (1.43 MB) which is located along the Avoca Road three miles from the town of Pointe au Chêne, Québec.

  1. I need some guidance please. Looking for my great grand-father’s birth certificate. Évangelsite Brisebois – Dates (years) of birth I have are from 1865 to 1867, possibly from Chesterville ON – Died on december 13 1937 in Cornwall ON, I have his death certificate but also looking for his place of burial. Father was Benjamin Brisebois, mother was Julienne Sigouin. – Any direction would be appreciated – Thank you.


  2. Does anyone want typo`s reported? My Great Grandfather`s name(Roderick Dougal MacCallum is spelled MaCallum(missing a “c”) in the 1956-1965 Vankleek Hill Funeral Register (also my Grand Uncle Wilmer) & Great Grandmother`s(Eliza) last names in same entry are also missing a “c”.

    Not a Complaint just asking if anyone wants typos reported.

    They are spelled correctly in the Barb Cemetery listing.


  3. Hi I was just at St Gregoire RC cemetery in Vankleek Hill looking for my gr-grandfather David Sabourin who passed in June 1928.I was told he was buried there but after spending quite a time there was unable to find him.Is there some place that has a record of his buried there and does he have a headstone??Amplanning on going back later this summer and would very much like to find it.thank you.


    1. Check with the priest at the church, or sent me the infos and i will check it out for you, Genealogy is my favourite hobby and I do searches for many people (free of charge)


    2. When my mother died Arlington, Virginia, she expected that a small amount of her ashes be carried back to her childhood home and distributed at her parents’ grave. Her parents are both buried in the Protestant Cemetery (also called Riverview) i Chute a Blondeau, East Hawkesbury Township.

      I’d hoped to make the trip this summer and distribute her remaining ashes. I understand that I will need permission from the cemetery and the Canadian government to do so. How do I go about getting the permissions that I need?

      Thank you,

      C. Pierpont


      1. Thanks to the help of several volunteers we have learned the following.

        You will have to contact the cemetery operator directly to see if they have any policy on this.

        This website discusses spreading of ashes in Ontario in general terms.

        Contact information for the cemetery can be found at this site. Just select option 2 and use cemetery number 03459.


      2. Looking for males, born January 30 1985,
        Looking for male born January 24 1983
        Looking for female born April 15 1980
        Looking for Male born Sepetmber 1. 1977

        Believe to be in Eastern Ontario


        1. I am also looking for male born January 24, 1983. Born in PEI was adopted in Eastern Ontario. Adoptive parents have French-Belgian and french Canadian background


        2. Looking for information on William Stanley, found him in 1881 Census of Ont.
          He lived on farm Dist. name Russell County, Dist #104 Sub-Dist. Gloucester, Sub-Dist.#E, Division #2,Family #32, household # 540039 Vol. 9, pg.(RG31 Stats Canada.) Would like to know where he died and was buried?
          Have been looking for a long time. He was my Gr.Gr.Gr.Grandfather, born in England. Married in Canada Ann Wilson 1877 (second marriage). Can you help me?
          Thanks in advance for all your help.

          Sharon Eyford,
          British Columbia


          1. Sharon — I too am looking for William Stanley (he’s my g-g grandfather). I believe that you’ll find a better match for him in the 1881 census in Grey North (Dist #156), Holland (Sub-Dist C), Division 1, Family 79, page 17). He’s there with his wife Ann and one of his sons (from his first marriage) Alfred. It shows him as Methodist, which is what Ann Wilson was when they were married in 1877 in Hepworth. Holland (Ontario, that is!) is much closer to Hepworth than Russell County.


          2. Hello,
            I am trying to find the family plot of James Ross, who lived in Little Rideau, south of West Hawkesbury, died about 1843.
            Hoping you can help.
            Ron Prouty


          3. I am trying to find the grave of my Grandmother’s brother Rev Thomas Liggett. He was an Anglican priest serving in the Prescott area (in the early 1900’s I believe as my Grandmother was born 1883)and is supposed to be buried at the ‘Little Blue Church’. What is the actual name of this cemetary and is there a map available?

            Thank you for your help


            1. Hello Sandra,

              The Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid: indicates that a Rev. Thomas Liggett is buried in the Christ Church Anglican Cemetery/Bullock’s Corners, Wentworth County, Flamborough W. Township which is near Hamilton. This resource is not part of the Ontario Genealogical Society but can be helpful in providing possible burial locations.

              The next step I suggest is to contact the Anglican Archives:

              Good luck with your search.

              Margaret Patenaude,
              Inquiries Coordinator
              Ottawa Branch OGS


            2. I am researching my family – specifically the Ladouceurs, and I am going to be visiting the area soon. Is the St. Gregory’s RC cemetery on the same grounds as the church? And is it accessible?

              Thank you!


            3. I am doing research into the “Dalton” family. 11 children born between 1940-1953, I believe it was 6 boys and 5 girls, majority born at Hawkesbury General. A number of the children were sent for adoption in 1953 after the sudden death of the mother. Two of the youngest sent for adoption would have been Ellen Diane (Apr 1950) and Violet Lynn (May 1951) (birth names). Looking for both living and deceased. It was a closed adoption, CAS Prescott/Russell cannot release the file.

              If anyone has information or an avenue I should pursue, please, let me know.



              1. This may be a wrong lead. My mother was born June 8, 1951 her adopted name is Marilyn. She was adopted 1952/1953 and it was a closed CAS adoption. She is living in Durham, Ontario.


              2. Thank you, Ross


              3. I found the following information at the LDS Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
                Died 05 Jul 1848 William Patrick Purcell Ottowa, Ontario, Canada. From the Collection of Drouin 1747 to 1967 seen at LDS Library and on
                Page Basilique Notre-Dame Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
                Registers Photographies a LaParoisse.
                There was no listring for a burial site. I have no birth date. He was married to Mary McDonald 19 Jan 1836. in St. Polycarpe, Quebec, Canada. I believe this to be correct. I would appreciate any help with this matter, Thank you.


                1. I have a question what would Catholic churches in the Presscott area be called also grave yard names. Thanks


                2. Searching for Female adoptee, adopted to a family possibly in Plantagenet , or Presscott & Russell area, The adoptive father was educated at agriculture collage and took over his families farm, his wife was educated in the Education field possibly Physical sports . The family adopted this child in 1982. and they also adopted a male son, the child was born in PEI , the agency that handled the adoption for the adoptive parents was Presscott & Russell CAS, if any of this sounds familiar to others please contact me Thanks


                3. Is anyone doing research on the Fenaghvale and Westminster cemetries?


                  1. If you mean are we transcribing the cemeteries, no. The Cemetery Coordinator position has been vacant for some time and until somebody steps up, Cemetery transcriptions are on hold. If you want more information from the area, take a look at the Inquiries page ( for the procedures.


                  2. I have a list of all persons buried in wesinster cemetery. Also photos of my families grave stones ie McLean, Shane and butler. More than willin to help if possible.


                    1. We have no westminster cemetery in our lists. Is it perhaps Westminster United Church Cemetery, South Plantagenet, Prescott? If so, we have a transcription in our library published in 1997.

                      We don’t have a service for publishing gravestone photos, though there are several sites on the web that do e.g. Canadian Headstone Photos, Find A Grave ( ) or Canadian Gravemarker Gallery. The latter two are searchable by Disclaimer: OGS has no affiliation with any of these websites.

                      Thanks for the offer though.


                    2. To encourage researchers, the La Seigneurie branch of the SFOHG at the Hawkesbury Library published the BMDs for église St. Alphonse, Hawkesbury which may be helpful.


                    3. Looking for inormation relevant to the St-Alphonse de Liguori cemetery from the St-Alphonse parish in Hawkesbury, Ontario.
                      Does such information exist and, if so, how can we access information on lots and individuals as they pertain to above cemetery?
                      If not, can you advise if it will it be made available at some point in time on your web site?
                      Thank you.
                      M. Renaud


                      1. We suggest you contact the Societe Franco-Ontarienne d’Histoire et Genealogie (SFOHG) or by email at They may be able to help. Another possiblity is to contact Hawkesbury Public Library. As far as I know there is no genealogy group in Prescott County. Ottawa branch. has not transcribes stones in this cemetery.



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