The Ottawa Branch publishing program has produced, since 1970, over 200 publications in printed, CD and microfiche form. The Branch sells genealogical charts and forms useful to family history researchers.

An online catalogue of publications is available.

Check here for announcements about new publications.

These files available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

  1. To get the gravestone transcription for
    Michael Neil
    St James Carleton Place
    OT 86-10
    Lanark Ramsay

    Thank you


  2. Question: The OCFA refers to a Fraser Family cemetery in Bagot Township, Renfrew County, as Ottawa Branch publication no. 89-04. It is not on your catalogue list. Is there some way of obtaining that transcription? Thanks …


  3. May I obtain a cemetery interment record if I attend in person? Death in question occurred in 1961?

    Thank you,
    Joan Jarvis


    1. Our cemetery publications do not have pictures but have a transcription of each stone in the cemetery. Some may have some additional information on the cemetery itself.


    2. Can I please get some particulars as to what these publications contain wrt data? Aside from dates, gravesite locations, etc… would I find NOK that would aid my genealogical research?

      Pinecrest Cemetery Cremations 1962 – 1988 978-0-7779-150 07-03 168 $20.00
      Pinecrest Cemetery Interment Records 1924-1969 6 Mar 2007 0-7779-1492-1 99-15 167 $23.00
      Pinecrest Cemetery Interment Records 1970-1987 0-7779-1508-1 00-08 60 $15.00
      The Merivale Cemeteries – Updated from Pub. 81-07 15/6/07 0-7779-1496-4 00-02 140 $22.00

      Thank you.

      Sandy Lang


      1. Generally speaking the mentioned publications are tombstone transcriptions, except the first one, and families are usually buried in the same plot. Also other family members could be buried in same cemetery. It would be best to look at the books/CD’s to see what’s there. Copies at our Branch Library, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa Public Library at Centrepoint and in the Ottawa Room of the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Also check out the Cemeteries listing under Research on our web site.



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