The Ottawa Branch has recorded and published indexes and transcriptions of approximately 200 cemeteries in Carleton, Lanark, Leeds, Russell, Renfrew Counties, and West Quebec. More transcriptions are being prepared for publication. In Ontario more than 3,000 cemeteries have been recorded and published, with many of these recordings held in our Branch Library. Many are now indexed in the our online database.

If you have suggestions about new projects we could undertake or questions about these projects, just complete the “Reply” below.

  1. I am looking for info about my grand father and his cousin Jack.

    My uncle has some of the platoon pictures taken I am trying to get him to allow me to get copies, but he is very guarded of the documents.

    with your assistance I may be able to help you find the individuals your looking for if they were apart of the first 100 fire fighters .

    please contact me by my cell if your able to help at all


    Tamaira morgan ( Cardill)


  2. I am a board member for the Ottawa Fire Fighters Community Foundation. We have just built an extension beside our Fire Fighter Monument at Ottawa City Hall. Our future plans are to research and tell the history of the Ottawa Fire Services. We are also looking for information or pictures of two of our Line of Duty Death members Ovila Lachance d: August 1898 and Albert Picotte d: January 30, 1919
    We are also looking at any members of the six fire brigades who lost their lives prior to amalgamating to become the Ottawa Fire Brigade.



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