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This is an index to the electronic versions of newsletters for our branch and others. The newsletters can be viewed on our computers at the branch library.

An index of names referenced in the Ottawa Branch newsletters is available here.

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      Note: The titles for the periodicals are, in almost all cases, taken from the title pages of the documents.

      1. I am trying to get ahold of your newsletter dated : O.G.S. files Ottawa Branch news. — Vol. XXV, no. 5 (September 1992) — P. 102-105. — 0708-5583.

        I would like to read the entire issue but will settle for pages 102 to 105 if thats all that can be head. I could not find it on your website. Any idea on how I can read this issue, ie – a scanned copy sent to my email address, OR a photocopy in the mail OR microfiche, OR any other suggestions welcomed.
        Apparently there is something printed on these pages that involve my ancestors. Thank you very much.
        Karen Prytula
        146 Salter Cr.
        Kanata, ON
        K2K 1Y8


        1. The newsletter is available at our library at the City of Ottawa Archives at 100 Tallwood Drive. Or you can contact the editor directly at editor@ogsottawa.on.ca



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