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Volunteers created a Name Index to some of the genealogies, family histories and other relevant books found in the Branch Library. This information has now been included in the OGS TONI Project. If you would like to participate in TONI, see

An index of names referenced in the Ottawa Branch newsletters is available here.

We are doing this as an aid to assist genealogists and family history researchers world-wide in finding their ancestors.

The process involves taking a printed genealogy or family history and reading through it page by page. Each name encountered is entered into a computer program (spreadsheet) using a standard set of instructions (These are currently being updated and will be available soon). This work can be done, a couple of hours at a time at the Ottawa Branch Library, which is located in the City of Ottawa Archives at 100 Tallwood Drive. Once a genealogy has been completed, the computer file is given to the Index coordinator for review.

City of Ottawa Archives Reference Room hours: Please refer to this page for library hours and other library information..

  1. I am looking for information on my grandfather Ernest Neumann born 1900 Ontario and great-grandfather Franz Neumann born 1863 West Prussia, married May 12 , 1892 Germanicus, Renfrew, Ontario to Auguste Emily Goglin. Residence 1901 Raflan and Radcliffe, Renfrew, Ontario.

    I am looking for information on how Franz got to Canada. I know that he came into Montreal and made his way to Maynooth, Ontario.

    I am going to Germany in the fall and have the opportunity to visit his home location if I can find it.

    I’m hoping you can help.


  2. My father Charles David Hooper DOB 1887. He married Nora Gladys Edwards (my mother)DOB 1897, in Algoma. July 1, 1926. I know she returned to England for my birth, i do not know if he returned to the UK. Did he stay in Canada or border crossing to the USA. Can you assist me at all? Please. Many thanks Margaret


    1. I would like to order a copy of the1891census,Dist.Carleton,Dist.#55
      sub-dist.Richmond,that includes the names,John Lyons(my Grandfather)
      Charles and Mary Frechette,Mary is my great great grandmother.My
      phone # is 707 472 8978,address 238 Orange Cr.North Bay ont.P1A 3A9
      The charges for this service will be remitted to you by return mail.


      1. Sorry, for information on the services provides, please go to our Research page at



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