Cemetery Search

No further names will be added to the Ottawa Cemetery Index (OCI) as of September 2012;

A copy of all the data has been transferred to The Ontario Name Index (TONI). Researchers can search TONI for all areas of the Province of Ontario at this location

This database contains names in cemeteries that have been catalogued by Ottawa Branch. Care has been taken to insure that the information is
accurate but Ottawa Branch cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information.

A maximum of 1000 items will be selected for each search.


  • * Anywhere will search in Family Name for the word. For example son will find Abramson and Sonderman.
  • Beginning will search for names that start with the word. For example Adam will find all names that start with Adam.
  • Soundex searches for names that are similar, such as smyth, smythe and smith.
  • Enter either a Family name you want to match or a proper 4 character soundex value.
  • ** You can list more than one word in Given Name(s) by separating them with a space.
  • All will search for a description that contains all the words provided.
  • Phrase will just search for exactly the words provided.

You can override this behaviour by using a % as a wild card in your search. For example Family Name of s%son will select all names
starting with s and ending with son. Using john% in Given Name(s) will find all Given names beginning with John.