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Monthly Branch presentations, are open to the public and are held at 1pm on Saturday afternoons, except in July and August, at the City of Ottawa Central Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive (near Woodroffe). Announcements of the place, date and guest speakers for the monthly presentations are listed in the Ottawa Branch News, on this website, notice boards of local libraries and in the media.

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Ottawa Branch meetings are now being shown as a calendar that is available by going to the home page.

Starting in January 2015, Ottawa Branch OGS will present a genealogical education session prior to the monthly program. Genealogy: Back To Basics will include a short lecture on a genealogical topic, followed by a Question and Answer session with Ottawa Branch members. If you are new to family history research or need a refresher, come out and join us. The first session will be Saturday 24 Jan 2015 at 10:30am in Room 115 of the City of Ottawa Central Archives. The presentation should last about 45 minutes and will be followed by a general Q&A session on genealogical topics until noon. Coffee and tea will be available throughout the morning.

There is no charge for the session and all are invited to return at 1:00pm for the monthly presentation (check our calendar for details).

Handouts for each session will be available at


The following is the current schedule for Genealogy B2B. For updates check back regulalry

24-Jan-15            Getting Started                                       Mike More

28-Feb-15            Are You a Trust Me Genealogist?              Heather Oakley

Mar-15                 No meeting due to conflict with Gene-O-Rama 2015

25-Apr-15            Genetic Genealogy                                   Richard McGregor

6-Jun-15              Lineage Societies                                     Dorothy Meyerhof

27-Jun-15            Ottawa Resources                                    Mike More

12-Sep-15           Getting Started                                        Mike More

24-Oct-15           Genealogical Resources in Eastern Ontario  John Patton

28-Nov-15           Genealogical Proof Standard                     Heather Oakley

19-Dec-15           7 Common Genealogy Research Mistakes to Avoid  Mike More